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Thoughts from our Studio Director

Nicolle Bangerter

Surfing into Fall

Hello Beautiful People,

Looking out my office window I’m reminded of change, of growth and development. We have changed somethings recently at The Studio and anticipate growth and development to follow. We have let go of some of our leaves (classes) and in the process feel a sense of loss but some relief as well. As always we are interested in your feedback. We know we have talent and experience all around and feel a desire to incorporate your ideas.

Living in peace with contrasting emotions is “TATO DVANDVANABHIGHATAH” the idea is being left undisturbed by the dualities.  The pattern of life is filled with opposition; feeling sad and happy, fear and peace, anger and love. Like a pendulum as we are pulled harshly to one side we can be assured that the natural flow will pull us equally to the other. Each time we are stretched one way the path will open equally in the opposite direction.  I feel an immense gratitude for nature and the passage of time. The way time and nature teaches us, if we are willing to listen and motivated to change, to soften and let go and also strengthen and renew.

Let your thoughts flow into nature. I would like to invite us in this month of gratitude to ground ourselves outside. Stand or sit on the earth and just breathe. Go for a walk and drink deeply through eyes and breath. Let your soul awaken to your own dualities. Your Yin and Yang the Ha and Tha the sun and moon energy inside. Sit with the duality and contrast and find joy in the opposition. We are designed for this pattern it is all around us and as we embrace the oneness of all existence we can flow into one hand and out to the other with ease.

This year Thanksgiving is also a full moon. Spending time with friends and family from our past and present can be  a perfect example of the duality in us all. The relationships and years pass over like waves if we’re in a place of resistance we may crash in the tide swirling and tumbling, hitting bottom with each wave. Conversely if we can be in a place of equanimity as the relationship wave comes we will be prepared to surf it out or even let it pass over with gentleness. The power comes in choosing how to react. As our waves come we can breathe sit with the tide and choose wisely the reaction.

May you enjoy the surf!


Nicolle Bangerter E-RYT

Dates to consider:

  • November 13th 8:00pm - TEN Teacher Enrichment Night – Sarah Terpin P.T.D.P.T and I have been developing a fantastic TEN night. We will explore the Shoulder muscles and joint. Teach in-depth anatomy and helpful modifications for injury. We will spend time discussing cuing for proper alignment. We will also spend time discussing Jalandhara Bandha, the throat lock as well as the throat and heart chakras and the roll this plays in the shoulder. Free for teachers at Cutting Edge $10 for anyone else. Please invite your friends.
  • December 22nd Full Moon Celebration 8pm  – More information to follow.

Exploring the Yamas and Niyamas



Definition: Non Violence toward self and others

Emits: Harmonious Vibrations

Imagine of a pitcher of liquid. When you pour the liquid from the pitcher into a glass whatever is in the pitcher is what ends up in your glass. No matter how fast or slow you pour, no matter what you wish was in the pitcher the reality of what the liquid is will not change.

We are all like the pitcher we are all vessels and whatever we have in us we will share with others. What is inside of you? The difference between us and the pitcher is we have the ability to change what is in our vessel; our minds and hearts. We can ELEVATE our vibration and thus bring others up as well. Conversely when we are in a low or violent place we DEMOTE and bring the vibration down. 

As our own awareness becomes more developed we can breathe, slow down and identify our motives. Use Ahimsa to connect to the greater good in each of us and elevate with respect, kindness, and love. It must happen within before it can be poured and shared with others. Ahimsa is getting to the place of nonviolence and peace inside. Letting go of lies or anger within and replacing that negative and hurtful energy with truth and loving energy. 

Another element of Ahimsa is allowing for our own boundaries. When we create realistic safety nets we teach others how to treat us. Part of nonviolence toward self is respecting your vessel enough to not allow others to do you harm. This harm can be physical but usually begins mentally and emotionally. Respecting and being kind to oneself by establishing healthy boundaries is essential to Ahimsa.