Ergonomic Evaluations


Cutting Edge Physical Therapy provides professional ergonomic assessments and education to decrease the risk of repetitive strain injuries caused by improper workplace set-up and/or ill-fitted workstation equipment.This allows employees to have increased comfort and productivity in their workspace.

An ergonomic evaluation uses the science of ergonomics to determine the physical relationship of the worker to his or her work station. The purpose of the evaluation is to increase workplace comfort and productivity as well as prevent repetitive strain injuries. Every individual has different ergonomic needs and so should align his or her work station with those needs.

Many work environments require repetitive movement or remaining in one position for long periods of time. Often, these positions or movements are not the way human muscles and joints are supposed to function. Over time, the continuous strain can cause serious injury and even disability. An ergonomic evaluation can detect what adjustments should be made in order to prevent injury. Injury prevention also means worker compensation savings to the employer.

Not only can ignorance about ergonomics lead to injury, but it can also drain the body of energy and cause discomfort. When the body is working in an uncomfortable position, even mild symptoms can cause distraction from the work at hand. The person’s focus will likely keep shifting back to his or her discomfort. An ergonomic evaluation can show how to get more work done with the body and mind in harmony.

These assessments include the adjustment of the workstation for the individual as well as education on how to adjust the workstation without guidance from an onsite ergonomic specialists. Without education of the employee, workstations can deteriorate over time leading to the re-emergence of musculoskeletal risk factors. Employees will also be provided with an ergonomic booklet that contains stretches that can be performed at the desk, keyboard short cuts and simple guidelines for adjusting various desk components.

Ergonomics are not limited to office workers and can be encompassed in job specific analysis. We  are available to access office settings as well as remote sites including job construction projects.  We look forward to helping make your workplace a better and more safe place to be.

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