Cheryl and her staff are fantastic! I’ve been to Cheryl, Kara and Allie and they are so amazing! They have changed my life. Go see them, you won’t regret it!

-Espavo Realty Group Keller Williams SLC

I was in a bad car accident in December and today, 10 months later, I ‘graduated’ from Cutting Edge Physical Therapy. I was a mental and physical wreck after the accident, but Cheryl, Kara and Allie worked tirelessly with me and guided me back to wholeness. THANK YOU!! You’re positively the best!!


This is the best physical therapy I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been to 5-6 physical therapists before coming here. At other clinics they mainly have you perform exercises, get hand-outs of the exercises and return weekly to check on your progress. This always seemed pretty silly to me. I easily could go to one session, take the exercise hand-outs and work on everything on my own. At Cutting Edge PT they are hands-on, as well as providing you with the exercises. they will make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, and you can come in on any of your days to use their equipment for the exercises. They taught me to do simple adjustments to correct my hip and back alignment that have allowed me to be without back pain in the nine months since I first saw them. Prior to that I would throw my back out every six months and other PTs did not help at all. I initially came here to rehab a broken ankle, but they addressed all of my issues (sacrum, hips, back, etc.) I can’t imagine finding a better therapist. It’s true that there’s about a 40-50 minutes wait with heat, electric stimulation, or ice, but it is well worth the wait. I usually schedule 1:30 hours for my 1 hour appointment. Fantastic!


Dear Cheryl… I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest thanks and gratitude to your for taking the time to help me. I had had severe hip issues for 4 years before I saw you. Now, after seeing you back in August, I am running again, working out, and have a new found perspective on being an athlete and having a strong foundation. You do your job with such excellence, I couldn’t be more thankful for your diligence and insight. I’ve been “bragging” about my tensor fascia latae- just so glad to know what was giving me difficulty. 🙂 I pray god’s richest blessings on your life and work and hope to follow-up ina year or so when we’re back in Salt Lake. You were an answer to a prayer. Many, many thanks.


I was first referred to Cheryl for treatment quite a few years ago & had remarkable success with my recovery, better than I expected. So when I found myself in need of physical therapy once again I refused to go anywhere else. Cheryl & her staff are the best of the best!! You won’t find better treatment nor a more caring staff then what they offer at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy. Thanks to all who work patiently with me (as well as my legal team), I’m just grateful to know I’m in good hands & that piece by piece I know am going to be good as new with their help!


I am so grateful for Cheryl! She saved me! After seeing 2 doctors, going to instacare, and a trip to the ER after my back seized up, not one person could help me or tell me what was wrong. They have me pain pills and sent me on my way. I was miserable, and 33 weeks pregnant. My OB referred me to Cutting Edge Physical Therapy, to see Cheryl. She was the first to really examine me thoroughly. She immediately saw that all my ribs in my back were out of alignment, that were sending my muscles into spasms. After one visit, I felt tremendously better! I cried and hugged her the first time I got off the table. I couldn’t believe the difference after she worked on me. I went a total of 4 times, and feel like myself again! She was kind, sympathetic, professional and knew what she was doing. She helped me understand why I was in pain, how we could treat it, and how to recover. I am beyond grateful for her and her staff! I will recommend her to everyone. Thank you Cheryl!!



I am so incredibly grateful for Cheryl and her team! They listen and really want to get to the root of the problem, not just mask it and keep me coming back. I actually FEEL better when I leave, and know that what I need to do is important to helping keep my body where it needs to be. I have never felt rushed out and have always had the time and treatment that I needed. Their goals are my goals in regards to my body and what I ultimately want to accomplish. They explain EVERYTHING in a way that I get it. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! With Cutting Edge and massage therapy I survived my very painful pregnancy about 2 years ago. Once again Cutting Edge is putting me back together. Thank you!!!!


I wanted to thank you so much for the excellent care with my shoulder and neck. My shoulder feels stronger all the time. If my shoulder worsens, I will return.

Thank you so much!


I wanted to thank you personally for helping me with my back. I appreciate your medical knowledge and kindness. I am so proud of your accomplishments. You’re the best physical therapist. I referred my daughter’s mother-in-law to you. I told her you healed me. I hope she calls.

Thank you for helping me to play racquetball again.


My neck feels much better!!! Thank you sooooooo much! You’re the best!


-Kaylee, 7 years old

Words cannot express how grateful we are for you and all you have done for my daughter and our family! I know it was a miracle we found you and I cannot say enough. THANK YOU for being so willing to treat her, figure out the problem and heal her. But you also treated her so amazing, more than a patient, with so much care and concern. It’s amazing the difference in her quality of life. Who at 7, now can play pain free. Such a blessing. Thank you for your friendship, you are so amazing and inspiring! We will forever be grateful for all you did for us!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

-Kaylee’s Mom

Thanks for all your help with my back. You are extremely kind to be so accommodating of your time and schedule. I feel great and have been back on my bike twice!

Thanks so much.



Thank you for going to so much trouble to help me. You have literally changed my life. My back, neck, foot, shoulder, knee, and hip troubles began to develop over thirty years ago, and now for the first time these problems have been correctly diagnosed and addressed. I am faithfully doing the exercises you recommended. That troublesome SI joint has been going out of adjustment for so many years that it keeps trying to slip back into the old lopsided position. This is going to take persistence, but under your direction I am confident that this and all other long standing problems will be corrected. I’ll see you next summer!

Thanks a ton!


Yesterday I got back from a 40 mile hike down by Goblin Valley. To my amazement, I didn’t feel one ache or pain from my knees or back the entire time. I just wanted to thank you for working with me last fall. Before I came to you I was frustrated with my problems and it was so great to finally have someone who really helped me.

Thank you very much.


Words cannot express my gratitude for the physical and mental strength you gave me to run the St. George marathon. The circumstances made it the hardest thing I have ever done. However, the fact that I was able to press through it all and finish running made the finish all that much sweeter. My time definitely did not reflect my effort, but I had to let it go. I finished knowing I did my best. And, whoever said that was an “easy” marathon was full of crap! It also was a lie that “it’s all downhill”. Those hills sucked! My only injury was the dreaded calf cramps we talked about (never had those in training). I was so thankful for the ladies on the side of the road with the icy hot! Oh and I hit that “wall” they talk about at mile 23. BUT, I pursued through and finished.

Thank you. Thank you.